Industrial support

Industrial production increases quantity and lowers costs. The technological definition of a product is linked to its manufacturing process, so the question is how to move from a prototype to a series?

la fab

We can help you move from a prototype to industrial production by by providing the following services:

  • appropriate design changes and the following;
  • carryover and sourcing to maximize the proportion of;
  • commercially available off-the-shelf components (COTS);
  • selecting the right technologies for the levels of production, and tooling investment;
  • finding the right sub-contractors for specific components;
  • providing manufacturing drawings;
  • follow up with sub-contractors.

From prototype to series production

We can help companies with their industrial projects:

- carryover and sourcing to maximize the use of commercially available COT.

- integration of specific functions.

- judiciously chosen technologies to meet production targets. (quantity, tools costs, etc.).

- connecting companies with the most appropriated subcontractors.

See the two examples below:

Kart Renault Sport

Kart RS depart protos Duprat-6.jpg

Kart RS sur circuit.jpg

Quad Adly

CAO chassis 300 SPR 1.jpg

Chassis Quad.jpg

Quad 300 SPR.jpg

Quad Adly 500.jpg

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