Innovative vehicle design

CAR&D helps its customers to develop innovative solutions about road vehicles. Some examples :

Kart Renault Sport

Renault Sport Technologies wanted a highly innovative, highly technical kart that could be produced in a medium series. Renault supervised the design.

Our design includes multiple innovations:

kart 3d kart_dessus_chassis kart_dessus_habille

We produced a small series of karts. The French Automotive Sport Federation (now Auto Sport Academy) has been using Kart-TOUR since 2000.


Neither the designer nor a buyer would be happy with a 2500-pound vehicle able of 100 mph, but in town only carries 1.3 passengers at 18 mph on an range of 18 miles. An ultra-light motorized vehicle for daily urban commuting would be a better solution.

Vlis’ Pierre Patin and Pierre-Armand Patin invented and hold the patent on a three-wheel tilting vehicle that is an excellent compromise between 2- and 4-wheel vehicles. Practical, economical and relatively non-polluting, this is the perfect urban and suburban commuter vehicle.

We built an easily modifiable (proof of concept) laboratory prototype to resolve the challenges of this unconventional design.

Between thermal engines and electric motors, hybrids are perfectly suitable for commuters. Our concept can be adapted to a hybrid drive.

velis_cote.jpg velis_3d

See publications no.33 and no.40.


CAR&D proposed the a preliminary design to the Polytech Lille University for a demonstration about a remote-operated container-carrier truck in the framework of the INTRADE European program :

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In collaboration with Vlance, CAR&D developed Quat'Ode, an electric 4-wheel motorcycle as part of the ADEME low-carbon demonstration program.
The only one in the world Electric Tilting 4 wheeler.
CFD computation for side wind sensitivity, and a patented suspension-tilting system. 15 months to study and manufacture the prototype.

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The Iguana 26 is a self-beaching powerboat on tracks.
CAR&D imagined the retractable arms carrying the tracks and hydraulic motors, fully retracted, the hull is totally flush, providing a high end top speed on water

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