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February 2017 :

CAR&D is proud to have helped the excellent start-up Stanley Robotics to develop its parking valet, in service at Charles de Gaulle Airport terminal 2E and F


Janvier 2017 :

CAR&D is proud to welcome among its customers the famous naval architecture office VPLP de Marc Vanpeteghem who asked for developments about robotization of a patented wing-sail. Oceanwings Cliquer pour agrandir


April 2016 :

Presentation of the Pariss v2, track day car, all electric, 4WD, 2 motors, carbon fiber chassis, F1 type suspension

Presentation Pariss


November 2015 :

The autonomous shuttle Navya Arma in service at Bordeaux !

September 2015 :

CAR&D is proud of its contribution to the autonomous shuttle Arma from the company Navya presented on the 30 of september 2015 ; 3 vehicles will be in demonstration at the World Congress Intelligent Transport System at Bordeaux from 5 to 9 October 2015


MARCH 2014 :

360° R&D, Journal of Association des Structures de Recherche sous Contrat (ASRC) publishes in its issue of 5 March 2014 a report on CAR&D

Article de CAR&D et Muses


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